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Your safety is our primary concern. It is a requirement that we are a certified Quebec Snowmobile/ATV guide. We must also have 20 hours of Wilderness first aid. We double the requirement with 40 hours of wilderness first aid training. We have a satellite phone and carry an extensive amount of emergency medical supplies.  

Starting the 2025 season we will carry an AirMed policy that will include air transportation for anyone on our trips should an accident or medical emergency happen. 

We strongly recommend everyone on the trip should get a travel insurance policy. Geo Blue is a policy through Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Seven Corners is another travel insurance company. If you talk to anyone from the United States who has been injured in Canada, they will tell you how important it is to have travel insurance. Doctors and Hospitals will not treat you without payment in advance. A travel insurance policy can cost as little as $25.00 for your week long trip. PLEASE get one of these before your trip. 

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