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Our Different Saddlebag Trips.

Saguenay-Mont Valin- Lac Sainte Jean Trip

This trip gives you the best of all worlds. We have spectacular scenery, regularly groomed, fast trails, a ride through the snowiest area in Quebec and even a ferry boat ride.

MV 2.jpg

Cote Nord Trip: 

This trip takes you up the north shore of the ST. Lawrence river. It has fantastic views and several bridge crossings including the highest snowmobile bridge in the world.

Brg 2.jpg
brg 1.jpg

Chibougamau Loop

Chibougamau is the furthest point north on the Quebec federated trails so you must go there! This is a fast paced high mileage ride so be ready to roll on this one!

Chib 1.JPG
Atib 1.JPG

Abitibi-Western Quebec region trip 

The trails in western Quebec are wide and the terrain is flat and there are many water crossings. The scenery is not like eastern Quebec but the trails Fast and perfectly groomed. This is also a fast paced, higher mileage ride.

Gaspe Peninsula  

Gaspe has the most spectacular scenic views in Quebec. It also has the most volatile, unpredictable weather too! It is rare to have a week with perfect weather to see the views. That’s what keeps people coming back to Gaspe! It is common to have huge snowstorms, rain and fog all in the same week! It’s the Gaspe!

Gasp 2.jpg
Gasp 1.jpg

The Cote Nord White Trail Adventure

This is a difficult trip for many reasons. The area along the north shore of the St Lawrence where the Federated trail 3 ends is called the white trail. The conditions have to be just right to make this trip. The trail is mostly ungroomed except for portions where they use a snowmobile to groom. Much of the trail is on water that must freeze and there must be enough snow which is also a problem there. The window to make this trip is very tight. We work with a travel agency called Voyages CoSte for the trip. They make arrangements for accommodations.

CT 2.jpg
CT 3.jpg
CT 1.jpg

Home based trips 

Auberge Du Vieux Moulin

A home based trip is one that stays in one location and we ride out and return each day. It is necessary to have these trips in a location with a good trail network and different restaurants for our lunches.

Auberge du Vieux Moulin is our choice for many reasons. The Auberge is impeccably maintained and constantly updated. We dine on Gourmet meals each night. The Auberge has hot tubs, an indoor pool, steam and dry saunas, massages and the friendliest and most professional staff of any lodge in Quebec!

Our Valentines week couples trip is our signature trip and fills up quickly with repeat customers every year. Our Valentines week trip includes our Wednesday Ladies day with a massage for the ladies.

home 1.jpg

We’ve added two additional weeks at the Auberge. We now offer 3 night stays, 5 night stays, 7 night stays on the second two weeks we are there. We include a mid week massage for the ladies on the 7 night stay. We can also make arrangements for a massage on the 3 night or 5 night trips.

The second two weeks we are at the Auberge are not limited to couples. Friends or families are all welcome. Our prices are based on double occupancy for rooms. If you would like to plan a family trip we can make arrangements for a family chalet that can sleep up to 15 people. The latest addition to accommodations at the Auberge are the “Cool Boxes”. Four of these units have been added.

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