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Don't Sit At Home Waiting For Snow!

Snow Tour Quebec 2024 trip Schedule

Please note, on our saddlebag trips, the start date for the ride is on a Sunday but we check into our start point on the evening before (Saturday). Dinner is not included for that night. We arrive back at our start point mid-day the following Saturday.

Saddlebag trip 1 February 4-10,  Saguenay, Lac Saint Jean, Mont Valin

This trip is our most relaxed and scenic saddlebag trip. We start from our home base at Auberge du Vieux Moulin in Sainte Emelie. We ride east to the Saguenay Gorge and ride to the Saint Lawrence/Saguenay river where we take the ferry to the other side. Once on the other side of the river, we will ride into Mont Valin. We ride through Mont Valin and around  the north side Lac Sainte Jean. This trip averages 150-200 miles per day.


Trip 2 February 10-17 Our Valentines Couples week at Auberge du Vieux Moulin

This is our most popular trip and fills up early every year. We have several repeat customers each year because it is such a fantastic time. The Auberge is our favorite lodge in all of Quebec and has all the amenities you could dream of. The meals are all a spectacular dining experience. This is not a saddlebag trip and we relaxed 100-150 mile rides out of the Auberge each day. Wednesday is ladies day and for those who wish to take a day off of riding we provide a day in the spa with a massage. This will be the day the guys do a fast 200 mile ride.


Trip 3 February 17-24 week 2 at Auberge du Vieux Moulin

Since our Valentines week trip fills up so quickly each year, we decided to add a second week at the Auberge and this week is not limited to couples. Families, Friends and couples are all welcome for this week.

Trip 4 February 25-March 2 Saddlebag at Gaspe Peninsula

Gaspe is the most scenic ride in all of Quebec. Mountains, The Saint Lawrence, The ocean make this an incredible experience. Gaspe is also know to have the biggest snow storms and most volatile weather conditions. You have to be prepared for anything at Gaspe


Trip 5  March 3-9 Second saddlebag week at Gaspe

Trip 6 last trip of the season. March 10-16 Saddlebag from central Quebec. To western Quebec-Abitibi and back.

Western Quebec has much flatter and straighter trails that the other regions in Quebec. This is a fast paced and high mileage trip. We average 200-225 miles each day.  

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Don't Sit At Home Waiting For Snow!

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