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My name is Bruce Cody and I don’t sit at home waiting for snow!

I have spent years traveling tens of thousands of miles on my snowmobile in every region in Quebec. In my journeys throughout Quebec, I have discovered pristine trails, beautiful lodges, wonderful people, and phenomenal food. In fact, you could say that riding the incredible trails in Quebec, staying in beautiful lodges, and feasting on great food has become a passion of mine.

Yet every year, I hear stories from fellow snowmobiles who have not been so fortunate. They stayed at home waiting for snow that never came. They flocked to areas a few hours from home that were overrun with other riders. Or they traveled to Canada on their own, but went to the wrong areas, stayed in the wrong places, and had bad experiences. I decided to start Snow Tour Quebec so that I could share my great experiences with others.

Some people have concerns about riding in Quebec because of a possible language barrier. I have never experienced any issues like this. Indeed, I have found that the people in Quebec are very helpful and truly appreciative that we bring business into their areas.

My goal as a tour guide is to provide a great experience for all who come on a trip with me. I want people to fully understand what an adventure tour like mine will entail and be comfortable and fully prepared to enjoy this incredible opportunity.

Why do I say my trips are for experienced riders? Three reasons. First and foremost, doing a saddle bag trip on a schedule means that you are going to ride every day, for at least 8 hours a day. My trips are designed for people who really want to ride their sleds. Also, every year I seem to do at least one trip where we wake up to 1 to 3 feet of fresh snow. We all love riding in fresh snow, but most people don’t often ride in those kinds of conditions. I personally love breaking trails, but you need the experience and the right sleds to do that. Finally, Quebec is cold! Temperatures can reach -10 to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. In those conditions, experience and proper equipment is essential.

If this type of adventure is how you want to spend your snowmobiling season, contact us to schedule your trip.

Don't Sit At Home Waiting For Snow!

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