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When you come on a trip with us we guarantee that you will be riding on the finest trails, staying fantastic places and eating amazing food but one thing we don’t talk much about is the safety factor that we bring. 


All of our trips are plotted out on GPS and the trail conditions monitored in case of changes in conditions or trail closings. 


We carry a Sattelite phone in the event of an emergency. This peace of mind isn’t cheap but we feel a must when in the remote areas. 


We can recommend an insurance carrier that will provide emergency medical coverage in the event of an emergency. 


We try to plan our tours so we will go through a town every 2-3 days that has a snowmobile dealer in case you have any mechanical issues. 


These are things that you may not think of but we have!

BUncha Sleds.jpg

So you got that brand new sled and ready for a big trip? Please get it out and get your break in miles on it before heading out too far into the wilderness! Most issues occur on the sleds right out of the box. They have computers in them that are set up for the break in and need miles on them before they can be run hard. One person breaking down on a trip basically ruins the trip for the entire group!


Don't Sit At Home Waiting For Snow!

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